The Joys of Website Building

The Joys of Website Building

Deadlines Are ComingIt has been a while since I took an adventure in website building. I prefer to write those books many of you have grown fond of. I appreciate your loyal readership–I really do. Honest. Let me be the first to apologize for taking so long. Sheesh! It has only been since 2013, or so, since I embarked on building my last website. I found myself forgetting so much. It was truly unbelievable. Let me tell you, the WordPress platform helped so much! Then I found this wonderful Publisher theme to work with–it helped a bunch. These guys work magic on their initial templates. I found the cost to be quite reasonable, considering the alternative of building a site from scratch. They were also quick to answer the myriad of questions I presented to them–I’m sure they had to have tired of my questions. When they answered them (and very fast) I might add, I found myself smacking my forehead, telling myself, ‘I used to know that, or I once did it blind.’ I’m just amazed I walked away without suffering a concussion. Whew! I’m telling you, it pays to keep up with stuff you just might find useful again one day.

I would much rather be writing what I love and what you enjoy reading than building a damned website. Please excuse my back-streets French. But then, if you’re reading my books, ‘damned’ is quite mild by comparison. I will be more than thrilled to get back to my writing, I’ll tell you. The occasional writers block will pale by comparison to the sometimes-nightmare I’ve just experienced. I have to tell you all–thank you for your patience.

The reason I had to do this in the first place: I woke up one morning back in December, opened my inbox and discovered that Amazon would no longer be carrying my books. I had to come up with a way to make sure you would still be able to read my books on the Kindle device of your choice. I wracked my brains out for several days and finally came up with a workable solution, which is presented on the tab at the top of the home age called ‘Kindle Guidance’. Yes! To say I’m pleased with the result, would be an understatement!

To conclude, I hope you enjoy the new site. I know my regular customers will be happy to know I’m getting back to my writing on a regular basis, barring all life’s glitches. You may expect more enhancements to this site. Just click on the ‘Coming Soon!’ tab at the top of the homepage to see what’s in the works.

Happy Reading!


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