What’s in the Pipeline?

What’s in the Pipeline?


A Collection of Short Stories is in the Works!

Yes–I’m going to embark on a collection of at least twelve short stories. Although my usual forte is the novella, I am excited to try this. Short stories can actually be harder to write for some authors than novels, believe it or not (myself included). I have already figured out the basis of the stories, have arrived at a title for the completed book and have a cover idea in mind.

The stories contained in the book will be a little less, shall we say spicy than the rest of my books. Not to worry, however, all that titillating romance will not be gone! This will just be toned down a bit. I will be working on this when I need a break, or hit a block, which I tend to do at times, with my other books. A story here, a story there and before you know it, I will have a complete volume of stories.

Another Continuing Serial Coming In the Near Future

I am looking forward to beginning the series I have been planning since the end of Wayward Angels, Book-3: Love is a Highway. I introduced a new woman toward the end of the book that Cece Myers met when she was at her job site, flagging traffic along the highway. The new main character’s name is Courtney Edwards, a geologist. I can’t wait to get started!

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